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About Us

Turbomax has been doing general maintenance and renovations for the past 21 years.  In 2005 we realized that there is a shortage in the market for professional water proofers and changed our course to focus on Waterproofing Cape Town. We seek to be the best in our field and therefore we are constantly looking at new Waterproofing technology and products to give our customers the best possible service.  It is very important to us to render a reliable aftercare service.
There are fantastic waterproofing products on the market, but this means nothing if not used on the right surface and if adequate preparation is not done.  One of the most important aspects of waterproofing is identifying the problem.  We go above and beyond to first identify the problem areas and then to treat it with the suitable material. For more about our services and waterproofing Cape Town click on the button below:

A list of all the projects we work on...

We work on all the following and more:
  • Concrete Roofs
  • IBR and corrugated roofs
  • Tiled roofs
  • Retaining walls, parapet walls
  • Roof repairs and sealing of cellars and basements
  • Roof repairs
  • Balcony repairs
  • Structural repairs
  • Water damage repairs – ceilings, walls etc. 

Product Information

Products we use are designed to protect residential and commercial buildings like:
Torch–On: Torch-On waterproofing is a highly effective and durable technique to protect your roof against water and damp.  A waterproofing membrane is applied to flat, smooth surfaces. This membrane is made of extremely sticky and viscous organic liquids, with bitumen as the key ingredient. The surface must be sound, primed and completely clean before application.  The membrane is then applied by being “torched on” or heat-fused to the underlying surface. This creates a powerful watertight seal.  This technique is often used on flat roofs to prevent water leaks, but it can be used for a variety application in both residential and commercial buildings, such as roof slabs, balconies and patios and foundation or retaining walls.
Liquid Rubber: Liquid Rubber is a sealant that can be used for waterproofing, air barrier and protection against corrosion. It adheres to almost every surface like concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, EPDM, wood, PVC, and zinc. This allows the product to be used in many different situations when it comes to waterproofing or air barriers. The resistance against all weather conditions, UV, and chemicals, ensure that the products are very durable.  The product cures into a highly flexible coating with a durable flexibility of 900% and the product can easily bridge gaps or joints and makes it perfect suitable for surfaces with different expansion levels. Liquid Rubber suits perfectly for sealing ventilation openings, roof drains, walls, up stands or to repair cracks and joints.  It is an easy applied single component product. The liquid coating can be applied by means of a brush, roller, trowel, or airless spray system. For the quick seal, Liquid Rubber is the right product to use!

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Reviews from our valued clients

We are so grateful to all our clients for their ongoing support.
Dr Deon de Jager - August 2022
"I received an extremely professional and friendly service. I was provided with expert advice throughout the project, which was completed well within time and under budget. I definitely recommend TurboMax for your next project."
Minka Vrba
"Excellent, professional, well-priced work. And, a completely hassle-free process! 6/5. Thanks, Fred!"
Cordell McQueen - June 2022
"Fred from Turbomax is a officer and a gentleman!!!! Whatever your waterproofing and damp needs are Turbomax is the only company to use!!!!!!!! I have used other companies in the past and they are an absolute joke!!! One stop shop Fred at Turbomax Officer"
Charles Maynard Albertus
"Fred and his staff always do a superb job. Thanks Fred."

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